Cue the “Worst Hangover Ever” Statuses/Tweets

18 Mar

We get it, you drank yesterday, and all weekend because you’re 18% Irish or something. Now it’s Monday and you forgot to change your alarm clock ringtone to harp, and you have a hangover, and you stepped on your puke covered green Old Navy t-shirt when you were Zombie walking to the bathroom this morning. Well, suck it up, get some blue Gatorade, order some greasy McDonald’s hash browns, pop a B-12 & vitamin C, and then shut the fuck up. You’re making my headache worse.

britHappy day after St Patrick’s Day indeed!


One Response to “Cue the “Worst Hangover Ever” Statuses/Tweets”

  1. Ed B. March 19, 2013 at 2:02 am #

    Leave Britney Alone! 😉

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