I Will Never Leave This City.

26 Apr

So my new “thing” is looking up houses for sale online when I’m supposed to be blogging/doing literally everything else I’m supposed to be doing. I 100% know that I cannot afford to buy a house right now, maybe if I would stop ripping the tags off my Marshall’s clothes before trying them on I will be able to afford something in the two hundred thousand range by 2019 (probably not because I don’t save receipts either), but a girl can dream, right? Anyways, I’ve had a few towns on my list of “Places That I would Settle For That Aren’t Quincy”, and those places are basically everywhere except Randolph, Holbrook, and Brockton.  I won’t list my reasoning, because it’s Friday and I’m not in the mood for an inbox full of white trash defending their turf because it’s home to a Piccadilly Pub and one of the Massasoits. Does that make me a snob? No. It makes me a realist who embraces stereotypes of the South Shore and is also in denial of her own city’s flaws. Otherwise known as a “douchebag”.

Anyways, I feel like at some point I will have to prepare myself for the inevitable: leaving Quincy. But it’s going to be hard to figure out where  to go, and my standards are very vague other than knowing I won’t commute much further than 5 seconds outside of  Boston. Based on my list of every city/town other than Randolph, Holbrook, and Brockton, I’ve realized I need to narrow down my options. I give Weymouth way too much shit to ever attempt driving a Uhaul over the Fore River Bridge. That and I don’t want to live in a town that leaves you to fend for yourself for up to twenty minutes on route 3A because a sail boat is trying to get by. Oh, and imagine checking into a place called “N Dub” on social media? As if I  were on 8 Mile Road instead of the predominantly Caucasian suburb that is Weymouth? No thanks. Braintree is cool,  it’s home to the mall and in general, I am a mall fan. But it’s about as pricey as Quincy, so why even bother switching to a town that has a school mascot called a Wamp? Milton is also nice, but I’m not really over that time it’s citizens picketed outside that restaurant in East Milton Square to “keep Quincy out of Milton”, in regards to a liquor license. East Milton needs to be put in it’s place and just accept the fact that a place that is in 5 minutes walking distance of Atlas Liquors, a 7-11, and Dairy Freeze might as well just secede from it’s town and become another section of Quincy, gang sign and all.

To conclude, unless I decide that I’d rather throw down the money to live in Hingham and own a boat than have children, it looks like I am just never leaving Quincy. A sobering thought, but I think I’m okay with it. Making adult decisions based off of superficial bullshit that I create in my own mind sure is hard. Mom’s spaghetti!


One Response to “I Will Never Leave This City.”

  1. JenniferA May 10, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    I had to leave Quincy for a few months because we had to do renovations, and stayed in the North Shore with an aunt, and I have never missed Quincy so much in my life!!! I will always be a Quincy girl!

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