What’s Going On?!

3 May

First young girls defend Chris Brown after beating the absolute shit out of Rihanna:

cbcb2cb3And now this…


I was really torn about whether I should post that video or not, because obviously this girl just wants hits on her Youtube channel, but I think it’s important that we see what is going on right now. Society has a serious problem on it’s hands. Either young girls REALLY have internalized this kind of behavior as acceptable, or young girls don’t understand that what they the post on the internet is there forever. OR, a likely scenario is that it’s both. And it’s no longer just young girls defending celebrities who beat their girlfriends because “she provoked it”. It’s now young girls defending murderers – not just any murderers, terrorists- because they are “hot”. I actually was so disturbed by this video that I commented on it without bashing her, because bashing her would be counterproductive…and I assume she’s MUCH younger than me based on her naivety alone. First comment on Youtube I’ve ever posted, and I wasn’t expecting a response because at this point the video had gone viral. Surprisingly, she replied to me:

And after about 100 people commenting that she could be putting her future/career at risk by posting this video, her response was:

bb4In between horrified reactions were the few girls and guys chiming in to defend her that suspect #2 is indeed hot. I think we’ve all heard of those women who fall in love with criminals, and write to them while they are in prison. I’ve always kind of brushed this off as extremely poor self esteem. But for girls who are in their early-late teens to be posting videos for the entire world to see, I don’t know how we got here. The shitty TV we watch can’t be the only factor here. I watch shitty TV shows and I think this is disgusting. Maybe it’s always been here, we just didn’t have the internet as a platform for those who express these beliefs to shout them out. I mean, we all know that their are these crazies in the world who think like this. I guess the world we live in now just let’s these people showcase their sympathy for the devil. Having empathy is one thing. But why have empathy for someone who has no regard for human life? Who thinks it’s okay to murder an 8 year old who is innocently watching a marathon with his family? Why not express empathy towards the 8 year old and his family and for the hundreds of other victims and their families? And when did it become common for anyone to upload videos about how good looking a killer is? Because this girl isn’t the only one posting these videos. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s disgusting. And it’s depressing that not everyone sees it that way.

I know it’s not good to focus on the bad that comes out of something that is already so horrible, but I just felt like I’d feel a little better if I ranted. End rant.


2 Responses to “What’s Going On?!”

  1. kae May 3, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    Um…they basically caught him RED handed & he’s been talking…LMFAO innocent. Yea bc innocent people throw bombs for cars shoot at police and then hide in a boat after failing to kill himself.
    Girls these days clearly don’t have a father or a strong father figure in their lives. That’s the only excuse for this poor thought process

  2. Miss Moxie May 6, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    To say what she did is tactless is a gross understatement. And to those of you who think pulling shit like this WON’T follow you four words: ASIANS IN THE LIBRARY. The insensitive rant about the family members of the tsunami victims that moron posted on Youtube went viral and after the reaction from UCLA, harassment and death threats she had to leave UCLA and go home with her Mom and Dad. I have no idea where she is now but I’d be surprised if she could find a job or get into college following the media attention and reaction that recieved.
    As for this girl who posted this video I’d like to put her in the room with one of the Boston or Watertown PD members or at a bare minimum send her to Mass General or Brigham and Womens and she if she stands by what she said. She’s a young kid with NO concept of anything besides herself.
    Or better yet, force her to volunteer at Mass General or Brigham and Womens and maybe by some miracle she may develop character.

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