24 May

Accountability: acknowledging and being responsible for one’s own actions. For the most part, we are where we are because of our own decisions. We made a decision. We acted on it. There was an outcome. We are here. This idea is something that my own generation struggles with after years of entitlement and coddling. It’s the fucking Twilight Zone, man.

Broke? In a perfect world we realize we should have done an internship/gone to college/worked harder. In reality we blame it on the economy and the government and affirmative action.

Overweight? In a perfect world we  realize we shouldn’t have eaten Pizza Connection ten times in a week. In reality we blame our weight on pain from breaking our leg in 1992.

Unhappy? In a perfect world we realize we should be proactive to give ourselves the best lives we can to achieve being content because happiness isn’t a place, it’s a choice. In reality we blame our parents for not getting us the Barbie convertible or kissing us good night enough in the 80’s.

Butthurt? In a perfect world we realize our feelings are hurt because there is some truth to something we don’t want to be true. In reality we ignore scientific/medical/known statistical FACT and twist the truth so far until  it fits our lifestyle and gives us an excuse and reason to get angry when someone speaks the truth.

Alone? In a perfect world we search from within ourselves to find a common denominator, a common trait, or a reason we are pushing people away from us because it’s not normal that no one wants to be around us. In reality we blame it on the personality defect that every person we have ever come across on this earth displays. It’s not us, it’s them.

Everyone in this world has some kind of a predisposition that serves as an obstacle for us to overcome in order to achieve a certain goal. It’s how we first accept and then react to these predispositions that builds our character. Bitching and moaning turns us into a group of self-entitled monsters. No one is perfect, but when we acknowledge our flaws, we evolve. Let’s get our shit together. Accountability: learn it, love it and maybe you’ll finally earn that trophy you’ve been damning your frenemy to hell for achieving before you. Wherever you go, there you fucking are. Ya feel me?!



One Response to “Ac-count-a-bil-i-ty!”

  1. Katie Kickbutt McEvoy May 24, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    I’m all about accountability…key to success in a lot of aspects of life.

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