Rolling Stone Can Go Fuck Itself.

17 Jul

Rolling Stone can go fuck itself.

Times infinity.

Here’s the thing: Rolling Stone did this on purpose. It’s a marketing strategy. Magazines are becoming less and less relevant in this internet-ish world so they needed a good controversy. Because that’s what Americans love. Some drama and some feeding off of other peoples’ misery. People buy into it. One man’s tragedy is another’s entertainment. It’s sad, but true. And this is why Rolling Stone posted an image of the non-dead terrorist on their cover. Looking all fucking doe-eyed into the camera. Stupid ass terroristy curls falling into his face. Looking like he’s as cool as Jim fucking Morrison.

I understand the logistics of this marketing shit. I get that they knew what they were doing by picking the most innocent looking picture of the non-dead terrorist. They can throw in that it’s important to humanize terrorists so we can learn how they become monsters and yeah, that makes sense. It’s kind of intriguing to delve into the mind of a pscyho-douche-ass-clown who’s nickname in college was Jizz (legit, the non-dead terrorist’s nickname was “Jizz”). But a COVER? A picture on the cover of a magazine is a celebration.  Its okay to want to learn what makes Jizz tick. But let’s call a spade a spade here: a TERRORIST on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine is UNAMERICAN. And Americans don’t celebrate terrorists and this is not okay.

So yeah, Rolling Stone had a marketing strategy: controversial cover = $$$. Sounds smart. But actually, it’s just desperate. Sucks to be so irrelevant that you need to inflict emotional distress on victims of a terrorist attack. How edgy can you really be when you are that pathetic and sad?

Enjoy your blood money, Rolling Stone.

Also, go fuck yourself. I can’t stress it enough.



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