I Don’t Really Feel Like Going Out.

26 Nov

I don’t really feel like going out. Guess I’m at that inconvenient stage in life when hometown bars make me feel like Wooderson from Dazed & Confused/Tara Reid, yet non-hometown bars also stress me out because:

1. Where is the bathroom?

2. I don’t see an ATM!!!

3. Did my ride just say we are staying until last call?! (panic sets in)

4. …What’s that smell?

5. This floor is…sticky.

& 6. I think this bartender/waitress/girl with hoop earrings/everyone here wants to punch me in the face.


Not sure what any of these feelings mean, but I have to do something, I’m only 26. So I am thinking I should host an important dinner party at least once a month in which we drink red wine, play charades, and hip people sniff coke in the bathroom then lie about it even if no one brings it up. Then we move the coffee table so we can dance, but then we just sit down and listen to music On Demand instead.  That sounds like an in-between 20 and 30 thing to do, right? Oh, and the day after the dinner party, I feel like I should have a day trip planned and the game I play with myself at the dinner party is to not get accidentally drunk and ruin my day trip with a hangover. original

You know how sometimes you stay in and feel like you are missing something? I haven’t had that feeling since 2009.  Everyone is out taking some form of MDMA while I can’t even handle a fast-paced dance remix of a Lana Del Rey song mixed with an 8 ounce sugar free Red Bull as I sit at the office. I mean, why remix a song about death so we can dance?

Am I boring?



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