A Bedtime Blog

10 Dec

It’s 11:11pm & I can’t sleep. I started blogging because I feel like some of my *best thoughts comes when I’m physically and mentally exhausted. Plus I just took a Melatonin and finished watching a documentary on euthanasia, so I’m feeling pretty edgy. Edgy like an individual who brags about drinking black coffee by posting a picture of it on Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #lifesupport or something equally dumb. No coffee is that strong if you are truly a coffee drinker who enjoys the taste of black coffee. Real black coffee drinkers also don’t feel the need to discuss their black coffee drinkage. They just drink it while thinking about architecture and smoking E-cigarettes and what not. I wish everyone else would just stop pretending they are edgy based on their creamless coffee consumption. It’s getting to be a little much.

*most delusional or drunk, sometimes both

You know what? I’m gonna go to sleep instead.


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