Snow Days

2 Jan

Anyone else now noticing the trend of school districts calling snow days like, days in advance? When I was a kid school districts were the biggest dick teases about school cancellations. Best case scenario they’d throw us a 2 hour delay around 6am. Thanks.

Fortunately I was friends with the nephew of the superintendent of Quincy Public back when it mattered for me.  We would get one of the first calls saying what the official word was. I always thought this was pretty cool, but I probably only got ahead of the news stations by 15 minutes. And I was like 8, so what did that 15 minutes really matter? I got to see the ending of Chronicle. But I mean, who gives a fuck where Peter Mehegan’s Old Chevy ended up in Vermont? Fifteen minutes nowadays is the difference between a minor headache and a debilitating hangover. If you don’t find out work is cancelled early enough, you might as well have just gone to work.

So what’s the deal? Why is school cancelled 138 hours in advance at the first mention of snow? We DO live in New England. Is 2-3 inches of snow considered bullying now? It does invade our personal space if it touches us, so maybe we can sue mother nature? A few rumors: heating is expensive for schools (hasn’t it always been?);  it’s a liability to keep schools open in potentially poor driving conditions. I guess that just goes back to everything being a liability now. It’s really fucking sad. I feel bad for parents who just took time off for school vacation, only to be slapped with snow days before it even starts snowing. But let’s be real, I’m just jealous of kids and their numerous days off from school. They have no idea how good life is.

Anyways, here’s a clip from Chronicle to make us happy (or sad):


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