Bartender of the Month: January

21 Jan

Cagney’s has to have some of the best staff, because I feel like half of my featured bartenders are all behind the bar there! Introducing Lynne (by popular demand!):cagneys

Where and when can we catch you slingin’ drinks?

I tend bar at Cagney’s in Quincy Point on Wednesday & Sunday nights as well as during the day Thursday-Saturday.

Do you have a signature drink? 

I’ve been told I make a mean margarita and most recently a great espresso martini.

When you are not busy dispensing beverages to the people of Quincy, what are you drinking? 

I’m a beer girl, so it’s normally Bud Light. I’ll try any beer once. My favorite (when it’s in season) is Leinenkugel LemonBerry Shandy! It should be out soon!

Got any good bar stories for us?

I’ve work in a bunch of Quincy bars over the years so I’ve seen a lot. I think the craziest story I have is from about 12 years ago. This woman came in and asked for a Bud draft. I told her the price. She broke out an AJ Wright bag and tried to barter 3 pairs of underwear for the beer. Needless to say, she didn’t get the beer!

Thank you Lynne! Hope to run in to you at Cagney’s next time I catch a buzz!

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