Eagerly Awaiting the Comeback of Jort Overalls, You?

11 Feb

While buying detergent and Doritos at Target this past Sunday, something denim and wonderful caught my eye.

Alas! An abundance of no-name jort short overalls! They came in medium denim, light denim! And that was it. Those were the denim variations. But still, these dungaree bad boys can only mean ONE thing: solid weather is JUST around the corner and there are assholes like me who will purchase these atrocities in the Winter with the dream of a Summertime Kick Off White Trash Party. I drove home from Target in my Jeep, heat and Darius Rucker blasting, every one of my passengers hating my guts. But that’s okay.

It’s coming, you guys. And I for one cannot wait to wear my jort short overalls with one strap.




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