Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Nobody Has Ever Thought Of

12 Jun

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and I know how tough it can be to buy for a guy. Dads are important people who provide our families with money (because women don’t work), hip jokes, and fashion tips involving tube socks. We have an annual responsibility to spend between $10-30 dollars on our dads to let him know just how special he is. I’ve thought of some really unique gift ideas for Father’s Day 2014 that I feel compelled to share with you guys. They might seem kind of unconventional, but sometimes you have to think outside the box. I’ve even tried to base my ideas of off different types of dads, because we all know how complex men can be!  Here are my ideas:

For the outdoorsy dad:

Pants. Is your dad a man’s man kind of dad who loves to hang outdoors? Well, as you may or may not realize: it’s a fashion faux pa to not wear pants whilst outdoors. Your dad will thank you when he’s not being arrested for indecent exposure while he works on outdoorsy things outside.


For the weekend dad:

A gift card to Denny’s. Is your dad a deadbeat? Oops! I mean, does your dad like red meat? Of course! How about a gift card to Denny’s!? That’s even less meals he has to cook for you when he brings you to Denny’s for a burger. An extra is some QT with dad. Just hope he brings you.


For the dad who loves coffee:

A mug. To drink the coffee out of, duh! You can even customize the mug to say something unique and fun like “BEST DAD” or “COOL DAD” or “HIP DAD” or “WORLD’S GREATEST DAD”. It’s like the touching words of a Hallmark card, but mug version.


For the dad who loves socks:

Socks! This goes for all dads because, well, all dads love socks! For best results, go with tube sock style. There is nothing dads love more than sock tan lines. You really can’t go wrong here. And if you want to get creative, you can buy tube socks with stripes that are his favorite color. We all know dads love to express their individuality. I think.


For the white collar dad:

A tie. Does your dad work at a desk and deal a lot with paper? He will really appreciate a tie for those frequent moments he spends stapling things. If your dad has a sense of humor you can get him a tie with something humorous on it. Ha ha!


For the alcoholic dad:

Beer. Alcoholic dads love a nice cold beer(s) after a hard day in the coal mines. (I don’t really mean that your dad necessarily works in a coal mine either. It’s a figure of speech. LOL). This is why he’ll love you forever if you stop by your local package store and pick him up a 36 pack of his favorite brew. Just don’t wake him up early the next morning, because alcoholic dads can always retract their love if you really piss ’em off.


For the sports fan dad:

A hat from Marshall’s with the logo of his favorite sports team. Dads who like sports like to represent their team. Hats that have logos of their favorite team are artsy ways of your dad expressing that he supports his team. There is no “I” in team. I’m not sure what that saying has to do with buying your dad a hat, but it sounded like a good way to end this paragraph.


Welp, I think that just about covers all types of dads! I know that dads can be complicated, but I hope my gift guide gave you innovative new ways to say “Hey, dad. Thanks for the money, electricity, water, decent work ethic, and genes.”

Happy Father’s Day!



One Response to “Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Nobody Has Ever Thought Of”

  1. Pat Donovan June 14, 2014 at 9:01 pm #

    Molly, as always I love your blogs. But you forgot the all around Dad. The one who is always happy with the gift you give him. This was my dad, I have gotten him every thing on your list over the years. He was always happy, as he never received the same gift year, after year, and by the time you have gotten every thing on the list, you can start over again, because what you did get before is now old, and he needs a new one any ways. LMAO

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