28 Jun


So, like…this. Fucking…THIS.

I don’t know if you watched Girl Meets World tonight. But I know that I did. For the second time. It’s time for me to come “out” and admit that I downloaded the Disney app weeks ago for the sole purpose of catching the series premiere early. I don’t want to talk about it. No bullying on my own page!!!!  But I am relieved to know that I can finally discuss the elephant in the room: Cory Matthews blatant nose job. Is this some kind of a corny, sitcom joke? The kind without the laugh track?!  This kind of behavior I would expect of Rider Strong, but a Savage brother?! BLASPHEMY! I mean Shawn Hunter would cherry bomb his own vagina if it meant getting some attention. But Cory?!

Call me a sucker for a big nose, but I legit had a crush on Cory Matthews in all of his plaid 90’s glory. And now…his personality is going to have to be awesom-er than usual, because I’m pissed.

There is life before noticing…and life after. I see your nose job Cory Matthews. I see it loud and clear. We are in post Savage-geddon, you guys. And it’s not pretty.


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