Because Molly Said GO!: Birch Street Bistro

4 Aug


A few things I look for in a restaurant: delicious steak, (several) good drinks, a good vibe and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and finally: good music. I found all of these things at Birch Street Bistro in Roslindale Village. So much so that I went twice in one week (#fat). The first time I went to Birch Street was for a bachelorette dinner. We sat out in the adorable courtyard, think white lights, flowers, ivy, and brick. Perfect girl’s night setting with a menu full of girly drinks, like the mouth-watering Watermelon Sangria. I was told by one of the girls I was with that the roasted chicken falls right off the bone, so I took her recommendation and ordered the chicken. I did not regret that decision. So good! We decided to split the bread pudding for dessert. I was full from eating an entire chicken, but had to give it one bite: heaven!

The second time I went to Birch Street was last Thursday for date night with my husband. I requested that we wait for a table outside because it’s too pretty to ignore when the weather is just right. We got a drink at the bar and before we finished them our table was ready. Thursdays, I was told, are live music nights, so I was pretty excited about that. There was a DJ playing reggae music while the band set up, which was cool.

We started with an order of calamari, which I had to stop myself from finishing after 4 bites, to save room for the entree. Ryan always hopes that I will order whatever meal he doesn’t order but was torn between, so that he can pick off my plate. He also almost always orders a filet mignon, and unfortunately for him I had already tried the chicken, so we both got the filet. While we waited for our food, we relaxed by listening to the live saxophone player and his band. Good vibes all around. When our food came out, it looked too pretty to even eat. The steak had a little bit of red wine reduction dripping from it, and was served with roasted potatoes and spinach. The steak was separated in the middle by some gorgonzola cheese, giving it a more unique taste than your standard filet. Ryan always says that when you need A1 or any kind of sauce with a steak, that it’s not a good steak. Well this steak did NOT need any extra sauces. It stood on it’s own, and we both agreed it may be the best steak we have ever tasted. Cooked just right for both of us (he prefers rare, while I opt for medium).

Whether you are looking for a girl’s night out, or a date night listening to some jazz, Birch Street Bistro is the perfect choice. Great food, drink, atmosphere, service, and music! Get going! Because I said GO!




2 Responses to “Because Molly Said GO!: Birch Street Bistro”

  1. Bill Zamzow August 18, 2014 at 11:39 pm #


    Any chance that you still have an e-text copy of Andrew Marshall’s “Ode to Quincy?”

    Long story cut short, there are plans to reprise it with a new year after follow up piece on a coming soon to Quincy snarky but also serious e-newspaper/blog. Andrew has already provided the year after piece, but he is out on vacay this week and my end hasn’t been able to wayback “Ode to Quincy” or find a link to its reposting on the Ledger.

    Additionally, would you be interested in discussing space on the new Quincy news medium? It be free if you might be interested.

    A brief piece from the under construction website should give you some idea as to where this new medium is headed.

    What the Q? More Selfie Monkey Business by: Site Administrator on Aug 17, 2014 in Featured Articles | 0 comments Tags: Monkey Business

    Rarely does anything exceed the monkey business we regularly see in the Q, but this is priceless. Have you seen this story from our friends at the New York Post about a British Photographer who claims he owns the copyright to a selfie taken by a monkey he claims is his “assistant.”

    While the height, physique and smile clearly mirror those of Quincy’s current mayor, this monkey’s got real talent – at least when it comes to BOTH photography AND posing for the camera.

    • Molly August 20, 2014 at 10:17 pm #


      I looked for it about a week or two ago and couldn’t find it. I sometimes blindly go on a deleting spree with blogs to make room (I have limited space on WordPress) and I am afraid I may have accidentally deleted it. I’m sorry.

      Could you email me at about the Quincy news site? I may be interested. Thanks!

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