Stop Waiting For Friday

23 Oct

I read a quote somewhere on the internet, or maybe I didn’t, that said something about “stop waiting for Friday”. That’s all I remember from the quote. But it got me *thinking (*sleeping standing up in the shower at 6am with sporadic glimpses of almost one whole thought), that I need to stop looking forward to Friday so much. Friday is only a fraction of the entire cornucopia that I call LIFE. Tons of cool shit happens on weekdays. Like shows. Can’t watch Real Housewives on a weekend (pretend there is no DVR). Weeknights are also badass for falling asleep to How It’s Made. Puts you right to sleep by 7pm listening to a calming narrator describe how nuts and bolts come to fruition. And let’s be real for a minute, you live tweet an episode of 20/20 on a Friday night and you’re obviously a sociopath, virgin, or both. You live tweet Dateline on a Tuesday night and you’re DRUNK. What’s the better description?

Also, American Chopsuey night is usually on a weeknight. People love ground beef with pasta in Ragu. There is just something about that lazy (American?) recipe that gets the people GOING. Be wild and throw some mushrooms in there or something. Not me though, I don’t like the texture of mushrooms. American Chop night. Can that be changed to a weekend? No. Weekends are for buffalo chicken. Everyone knows that. Idiot.

I know what you’re thinking, “What the fuck else is great about weekdays?”, and I have a (questionably) GOOD answer for that: Thursdays. Thursdays are ALMOST Friday. If you are prone to mind sorcery, you can TRICK your brain into thinking that Thursday and Friday are just one really long, shitty day until the clock strikes 4:30pm.

So there it is. You just got hit with some wisdom. Or maybe you didn’t. But either way, don’t waste your cornucopia (life) dreading Monday. Bake a lemon cake on a Monday night. It makes you happy for a brief moment. Life is good, you guys.


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