Unpopular Opinion Alert! I Feel Bad for the Girl Who Took a Picture with Edelman that went Viral after posting it on Tinder.

5 Feb

I apologize in advance for lack of proper use of the English language/typos in this post. My adorable but sometimes menacing puppy ate my MacBook cord and I’m typing this from my iPhone. How silly.

Okay, so I’m going to dive right in. Since I pretty much already did via the title to this blog. In today’s news, Sabrina Something banged Julian Edelman, snapped a braggy picture, and posted it to Tinder. In today’s more significant news, the Patriots had their 4th rolling rally through Boston, Edelman danced like Ferris Bueller with a beard, and Gronk caught a Bud Light from the crowd (obviously), cracked it with his teeth, and chugged it down in 2 seconds, and it was amazing. All the while, Sabrina Something’s picture was going viral. Timing is everything, you guys! And it was certainly not the time to post a distasteful picture on Tinder of a Patriots player in any compromising situations, unless it were of Gronk, who I’m sure would be indifferent. Edelman, who I’ve read is single, will, I assume, be fine. I mean, I’m sure certain people who are in the spotlight ask for a certain level of privacy, but shit happens and I’m sure it’ll pass for him. I want to notate now that I am NOT condoning posting anyone’s private life on any social media platform, famous or not. It’s wrong, and there is no excuse for it, so if you do it, own it and apologize. Or just think before hitting “post”.

Here is where the unpopular opinion part comes in: I feel kind of bad for Sabrina. What she did was trashy, and messed up. But her dumb and naive decision is going to temporarily ruin her life. Does she have a job? She’s going to walk into that job feeling embarrassed and awkward. She have a family? Embarrassing and awkward. And the most embarrassing and awkward and cringeworthy part is she asked for it, she did it to herself. But can I see a lot of girls in their 20’s doing the same thing she did? Yup! Because at the risk of sounding like a mom, I think not everyone realizes the power of the Internet. Viral is fucking scary and I really don’t think anyone thinks it can happen to them.

The concept of lives being ruined over posting something stupid onto social media is nothing new. You heard about the tween girl who took a smiling selfie at Auschwitz, right? Or of the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet? Justine Sacco was a global head of communications for a big digital media company, and posted a dumb tweet about AIDS in Africa before boarding a plane. By the time that plane landed, she was unemployed and in the middle of a personal, and very public nightmare. But what happens after these people caught up in internet scandals lose their jobs and are publicly shamed by millions of Twitter users? Are they supposed to be condemned to a life of endless shame, loneliness and ridicule? I actually read a pretty empathetic blog about Justine Sacco, written by the man who retweeted her bad joke, causing her life to be temporarily fucked: Check it out.

Kind of similarly, if you follow my blog, you may remember me saying I had not-so-innocent pictures of a teen dad (from MTV’s Teen Mom) that were sent to me from a girl in another state. I thought it was funny, no big. But then I got a message from some stranger saying something about slander and libel and other lawyer words. It was weird to me because I had non-sketchy pictures so I felt it was a factual story, but I dropped it because it scared me. I’ve since dropped the phone the pictures were on in the bathroom at Sonny’s in Dorchester. NO I wasn’t trying to destroy the evidence, I was just drunk and clumsy. I could probably go through my email and find them somewhere because I’m pretty sure I saved them or sent them to friends, but I’m going on a tangent at this point. Anyways, I never thought someone who knew these people who were on TV would contact me because of a jokey Facebook post about the pictures. I mean, that sounds naive. But it’s easy for us to think of ourselves as Internet zeros next to the cast of Teen Mom, right? Sadly, yes. Viral = scary.

I think there are a lot of girls like Sabrina out there. To see all these other girls in their 20’s call her a “slut” and a “whore” and “ugly” (terrible) on articles about this whole thing is pretty outlandish because banging the guy wasn’t the problem: posting it was. And I’d love to know how many of the women calling Sabrina a whore would have done the same exact shit. I also can’t help but wonder how DRASTICALLY different popular opinion would have been if it had been a guy who had posted a picture next to a slumbering famous woman post-bang. My guess? Women would see it as a sex crime, and men would see it as “AWESOME!!!” (side note: that episode of South Park when Ike sleeps with the teacher …”Nice!”). Makes you think!

Overall, I think we all know that Sabrina is probably not a bad person. I would maybe unfairly peg her as being young and impressionable and star struck and someone who maybe doesn’t understand how nuts the Internet is. Her rationale was probably something along the lines of: “Tinder ain’t Facebook, my parents won’t see it, fuck it, I’ll post it as my picture, making sure to block out half my face so it’s kind of anonymous because who is going to take the time out to do ba ackground check on little ole me anyways? It’ll be funny and impressive and definitely won’t mess up anyone’s life!”. Probably Snapchatted it to some girlfriends first to get some reactions, like your girlfriends Snapchat to you (or you to them, admit it!) except when your friends do it it’s probably not featuring Julian Edelman before the Pat’s victory parade. It’s not right, but I feel like glorifying famous people, bragging about doing them, and unintentionally making proof of it go viral is sort of the MO of a certain percentage of the current generation (sorry). Sabrina has had a weird day filled with extreme highs and extreeeeme lows. Can we make this viral story simmer a little bit by not being quite as mean…at least out of second hand embarrassment or better yet, compassion for someone in a self inflicted & idiotic scandal? There are so many brutal articles about her, and most of the comments underneath made me shudder – most of them from women. The girl was fucking banned from the entire Boston nightlife scene. It’s that bad. I mean, I’m not saying I’d do the same thing she did, because I certainly wouldn’t post it to Tinder, but if my husband gave me a hall pass ….


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