Living on One (Hundred) Dollars

17 Feb

Recently I skimmed a brief summary of a Netflix documentary entitled “Living On One Dollar”. It was about some dudes living on one dollar in another country. I opted for an episode of SVU I’ve seen twelve times, but the documentary reminded me of myself and how courageous I am.


Well, since buying a house, I am living on one hundred dollars a week. I know. It’s nothing short of heroic, but I don’t feel comfortable being a hero. So you can just call me Molly Teresa instead (Teresa really is my confirmation name so it makes more sense than you think). My husband and I (99% my husband/1% me) decided on $100 each a week so that we can save money to purchase a fence so we don’t have to look at our neighbors swimming in their unkempt above ground pool this Summer. That’s an issue that is really important to us. If you don’t have an issue you are passionate about, I suggest you get one.

So we challenged ourselves: $100 a week. How is it going so far?

Week 1: My friends asked me out to dinner and drinks twice in one week. Also, I need to gas up my Jeep. This means I have to CHOOSE what dinner/drinks sesh I want to go to. I don’t like having to choose. The last time I chose between something this important was when I opted between letting my dog out to shit and laying on my couch watching the Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime. I chose couch and my dog shit on my new rug in the guest room. Bitch…

Week 2: I am invited to a baby shower. My $100 went to a shower gift and gas and roughly 4 coffees and/or sugar free Redbulls throughout the week. You spend less than $50 on a shower gift and you might as well not go and also consider food stamps and making new life choices. I should note that the baby shower was open bar. Thank God.

Week 3: My dog ate my MacBook charger. MacBook chargers are eighty fucking dollars?!?! What is going on! Why can’t I get a lime green one in the front of Walgreens for $8 like I can for every other device?! I cried for roughly 4 minutes every day for 6ish days until my husband felt bad for me and paid for the charger for me with some accumulated funds from staying in. You can call him Father Teresa, he’s a saint. So I spent my $100 on useless shit from Homegoods, a Sunday Funday graphic tank from TJ Maxx, a bottle of wine for the blizzard, gas, and a latte.

Week 4: I needed an oil change. FUCK! Okay, that’s $40. I still have $60 to go. So I spent it on flights while out with my friends at Cagney’s, 2 skinny lattes, and now I’m on E and it’s only Monday.

So I guess I’m doing okay. Cut it close a few times. But living on one dollar a day? Jesus. I would be dead in a gutter from bad choices or out of gas on the side of the road eating a Slim Jim in Quincy Point right about now. Why eating a Slim Jim? Not too sure. Just assuming.

I’m not sure how much longer $100 dollars a week will last and I can’t promise you I haven’t broken that rule every week and lied about it in this blog. And I know what I’m doing is God’s work. But I can assure you, I’m doing it all because my husband is making me because “you don’t have to go out to dinner and drinks every week 3 times” (whatever). And I suppose we have a summer of non-ugly pool gazing to look forward to. The moral of this story is that money is just money. I guess. And if you don’t have money, your life sucks a little bit no matter what Ghandi probably says about money.



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