How To Make Money Blogging

6 Mar

People often email me to ask if it is possible to make money blogging. I figured I would answer it via blog instead. Because “how to make money blogging” are the internet search keywords I need in my life.

My short answer is: you can make money blogging, BARELY. The internet sort of lies and says you can make the big bucks by starting a blog. You can, but MOST bloggers do not make enough to quit their 9-5 and write for a living. Even if one of your posts goes viral, and your blog gets a steady readership of around five to ten thousand views per month, you’re looking at $20-$50 a month from Word Ads (Word Ads is the advertising platform uses). And before you can even use Word Ads you need to be approved by WordPress. Your blog must hit a certain number to even be considered for the ad program. The month my Quincy Boys post went slightly viral on the South Shore, my blog hit 42,000 views. That’s when I signed up for Word Ads. Before that, I probably wouldn’t have met the requirement. So again, $20-$50 on a GOOD month. That’s not so bad, but remember that you need content to keep up a following. And content means more writing. So you are writing up a storm for $20-$50. Oh, and you don’t get paid until you hit a minimum of $100 owed. And even when you hit that $100 (usually takes me 3 months), Word Ads pays out at random. You cannot rely on that money, because it can take weeks to see it in your Paypal account. In my opinion if you are relying that heavily on $100 every few months, you have bigger problems to figure out in life. Now if you want to get really into blogging, you could use and seek out your own ads. That’s a little much for me, so I just deal with low pay. Obviously it would be cool to make more, but I do it anyways because I really love blogging. You could say that I didn’t choose the blog life, the blog life chose ME. I guess.  You need to really enjoy blogging to make any money at all, even if it’s just enough to pay a phone bill every 3 months. If you are blogging just to make money, you probably won’t make any. You will bore of keeping up with the writing part, and probably give up. That is, unless you write blogs about how to make money.

So yeah, that’s how you “make money blogging”.

You don’t! Unless you are Perez Hilton or someone of equal readership.

OR you could get creative and ask your readers to support your blog by giving you $2 dollars in royalties for every piece of drinkware purchased on Cafepress! I would NEVER do that, though. Hell no. (20% off with the coupon code GETGREEN at checkout!)



4 Responses to “How To Make Money Blogging”

  1. knickerbocker March 24, 2015 at 1:15 am #

    when are you gonna give ya fatha one of those stupid molly said so cups. i’m on a fixed income

  2. Little Light March 26, 2015 at 11:54 pm #

    Actually, not all of this is true. My friend’s blog get a high income every month and millions page views every month. The keys are : try to write what people like best and reduces the idealistic thoughts in writing unless you just want to get more followers. For example, write about: Disney characters, cartoons, animation, gaming, One Direction, drama, cute little things, etc. Wish you luck ^_^

  3. Laria January 14, 2016 at 3:55 am #

    I disagree with you here. I think blogging is a long term commitment that not many people are willing to make. That’s how people like Pat Flynn and Amy Lynn Andrews are where they are today.

    Blogging income takes time… A LOT of time. Unfortunately people aren’t usually in a financially stable situation to be able to rely on blogging to earn a living when they first start. I think that’s the real issue here… People need money ASAP.

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