The Equestrian

7 Mar

I think having a personal style is cool. For example, I wear tons of black because it looks less fat. That’s cool. My husband dresses like an electrician. That’s cool. My sister dresses like a nurse during work because she is a nurse and BOHO when not at work because she likes the look. That’s cool. My niece dresses like a tween, wearing a lot of sparkly kittens and corny graphic tee’s that I don’t like. That’s cool. My dog dresses like a dog, sporting fur. That’s cool. I also know someone who dresses like an equestrian all the time. And I mean, that’s cool. But I don’t get it because she doesn’t ride horses and never has. She is not a jockey, in case you were wondering. But she is skinny (I only say this because most equestrians I see in the cinema are skinny. So aren’t jockeys). She always wears tight pants and riding boots, and sport jackets. Her hair is always in a low ponytail. She sometimes wears a helmet, and not for fashion. But not for horseback riding because again, she doesn’t ride horses. Her clothes are always freshly pressed and she has really good posture. I would call it “strong” posture. One time I saw her run in a road race, dressed like an equestrian. Her equestrian status is more than her wardrobe. It’s her aura. I once heard her sing “Walking in Memphis” sober at karaoke. I would describe it as “eloquent”. Sometimes I want to ask her “why do you dress and carry yourself like an equestrian, if you are not indeed an equestrian?”, but I don’t. Because you shouldn’t question someone’s fashion in such a quizzical manner. That’s rude. Some people are equestrians, and some just dress like equestrians.



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