Because Mally Says So

10 Mar

Typos. I make them all the time. Just read one of my freshly pressed blogs. If you catch a buzzed blog, you will find roughly 3 before I can go back and fix them. But some typos are dangerous. Some typos can haunt you forever. My husband still tells of the trauma he has experienced from signing his name “Pyan” instead of Ryan in kindergarten. The school hung his artwork in the hallway and that “R” with the line missing causing it to be P-like, was something he had to walk past every day. Classmates pointing it out. Telling him his name starts with an R, not a P. He still talks about it. I didn’t realize I had that kind of past. Until a friend of mine from elementary school sent me a picture of THIS:


Not sure there is a moral to this story, other than not to be a grammar school fuck up.


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