Top Adam Sandler Movies (Even Though He Kind’ve Sucks Now)

10 Mar

This weekend friends and I were discussing how we’ve outgrown Adam Sandler like we outgrew Sublime and the Chili Peppers. Sorry to all you diehard Santeria fans out there, but try to move on. Anyways, the further we talked about it, the more we remembered all of his best flicks that we had forgotten about. And some aren’t even necessarily comedies (whether they were meant to be or not is another question). Here are my top favorite Adam Sandler movies, complete with the best line from each, even though almost nothing he has done since 1999 is remotely good. Sorry in advance for being so typical, but the top 2 are just inevitable.

1. Billy Madison

“Sorry doesn’t put the Triscuit crackers in my stomach, does it Carl?”

2. Happy Gilmore

“What?! Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark…”

3. The Wedding Singer (so fucking underrated…it would be my first if the first two didn’t HAVE to be)

“You like Flock of Seagulls?”

“No, but you do.”

4. Click

Not as funny as it is a good rom com. BUT the headline: “Michael Jackson, the first man to clone himself is now suing himself for molesting himself.”

5. Punch Drunk Love

No quote, just a cute movie.

6. Mr. Deeds (strictly because of Crazy Eyes)

“He can bullshit everyone else but he ain’t foolin’ me”

7. Big Daddy

“Fish! Pony! Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop anonymous? Damn you! You gave him the easy ones!”

8. That’s My Boy

I only have this on here because it wasn’t nearly as bad as half of the newer stuff Adam Sandler puts out.

Annnddd that’s all I can really give. Top 8 was even a stretch, are you kidding me with a top ten?! But still, Adam Sandler movies will always hold a dear spot in my heart because…childhood.



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