The De-uglification of my House (Part 1)

13 Mar

Deuglification  (dee-ugh-lif-ih-cay-shun) verb: A word I just made up two seconds ago to describe the process of making my house less ugly.

When my husband and I bought our first house back in October, it was ugly. Like, REAL ugly. I really hope that no one who used to live there is reading this, because it had apparently been in the family for like 60-something years and I don’t want to step on any toes because I was told it was super beloved, but apparently they didn’t change anything in those 60 years. Some beloved things can be ugly. Have you ever seen an ugly dog, but it’s almost so ugly that  it’s adorable? You get the idea.

Anyways, I wanted to share the de-uglification of my house on my blog. I will probably continue to do so as I give each room a facelift. Just in case anyone saw my house online while it was up for sale and thought to themselves “Ew. Who is the asshole who is going to buy THAT?”. Welp, I’M that asshole who bought THAT.

The most important room to de-uglify is the bathroom. Because:



I just so happened to find this bathroom utterly disturbing. Before moving in I told my husband I refused to shower in that thing, and would be showering at my parent’s house until this “bathroom” was lit on fire to burn the 60 years of bacteria and scum that had housed itself in the cracks of the tiles. We didn’t light it on fire, but we scrubbed… a lot. And bleached a lot. And peeled really, really old wallpaper off of the walls. A lot. And sanded. And spackled. The vanity actually fell apart as I opened it one morning to get toothpaste. Although it was terrifying to be hit in the head with a 20 pound medicine cabinet first thing in the morning, the experience overall was liberating because I then picked it up and hurled it into the driveway.




Wasn’t fun scraping wallpaper behind the toilet. Cried three-ish times.

Bathroom AFTER RENOVATION (minus the floor..still need to tile that ans stain the cabinet)after



oar   Decided on a nautical theme. Bitches love the beach.


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