Look at my puppy!

18 Mar

So obsessed with my dog. Look at her! She is the most beautiful angel face! How happy does she look? The first night we got Dilly my husband said to her “You are going to have the best life.” And it was the truest statement I’ve ever heard. We love this puppy. 

And it was reciprocated times a million.

Never has anyone been so happy to see me when I walk through the door after a long day of work. In all fairness, even if my husband was as excited to see me as Dilly is, I’d file a restraining order. 

But back to the dog. Even if I just forget my gym clothes and run back into the house after leaving 30 seconds before, she’s as happy as if I’d been gone a week. It’s amazing. Do me a solid and get a dog and give that dog the best life ever. Nothing beats it. Dogs rule.

Side note: Dilly is a 6 month old miniature Australian Shephard. She has tons of energy and is very territorial when people enter our house. AKA she barks when people come over. But no bites. And the barking calms down after 5 minutes of sniffing the newbie. She is so sweet and sooo smart. She learned sit/lay down/paw/other paw/off/up after about 2 weeks and was housebroken fairly quickly. I recommend mini Aussies for those who want an intelligent pup but have a little bit less room for the dog to run around. You do have to keep them stimulated, or they will destruct. Dilly has eaten 2 MacBook cords -_-


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